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All-inclusive special themed services

Suitable for all kinds of large-scale events, wedding parties, birthday parties, company dinners.

Our Services

High quality ingredients
professional chef

We have our own factory in Hong Kong, where we select local high-quality fresh ingredients and are managed by a team of professional chefs. Every dish is made in Hong Kong.

The pursuit of product

Unique Style
Creative customization

Special menus and party services can be customized according to the themes of different types of parties and customer preferences, so that customers can experience new surprises every time they dine.

Our Services

Hong Kong’s unique attendance service

Special breakfast meeting

From breakfast burritos to pastries, our team will serve up nutritious and delicious meals to give your guests energy for the day ahead.

Special business package for meeting

Satisfy the taste buds of your business event attendees with our high-quality and diverse catering options. From light snacks to full meals, we have it all.

Special cocktail party

Add flavor to your event with our expertly crafted cocktail catering solutions. We'll make sure your guests have an unforgettable experience with our signature cocktails.

Special high-end banquet attendance

An exquisite dinner experience crafted by our experts. We will create a delicious menu for your event and provide seamless beverage service.

Make Re.born your event’s
catering service provider

Make your event extra memorable with our full range of catering solutions. We'll take care of all your catering needs and leave a great impression on your guests.

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Re.born Catering's menus are personally designed by a team of chefs with 10 years of experience, providing suitable menus for various events, including buffets, cocktail parties, luxury parties, romantic wedding banquets and corporate dinners, etc. We will adjust the service style according to the customer's preferences to satisfy the customer.

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